TMJ & Bite Disorder Treatment

TMJ & Bite Disorder Treatment

Quality Solutions for Common Bite Disorders

Complete dental care includes more than cleaning, filling cavities, and the occasional dental implant. Many of our patients experience bite or jaw disorders that damage their teeth or cause long-term pain. At the Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry, we provide effective care for these problems.

One of our goals at the Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry is to provide the most conservative treatment possible in every situation. Oral appliances offer simple, non-invasive treatments for a variety of conditions. Regardless of the application, every appliance we prescribe is custom crafted just for you.

Whether we're treating nighttime sleep grinding, a diagnosed case of obstructive sleep apnea, bite problems, or other jaw joint disorders, appliance therapy may be a valuable complement to your treatment. Our doctors use a variety of innovative designs depending on your treatment goals and preferences.

Jaw and Bite Conditions that Benefit From Our Care

  • TMJ — disorders that affect your temporomandibular joint/jaw
  • Bruxism — Teeth grinding, especially nighttime teeth grinding
  • Malocclusion — Bite disorders from misaligned teeth
  • Tooth wear
  • Bite equilibration

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